After-Church Fellowship
4130 Edwards Road Greenwich, Ohio 44837
Sunday 10:00 a.m. Worship Service

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After-Church Fellowship

After-Church Fellowship provides regular opportunities for getting to know one another and building bonds of Christian love.

Soup 'n Chat is on the first Sunday of each month, where worldview and sermon questions can be asked and answered over a bowl of steaming soup. The church will provide the soup with the help of volunteer cooks. The nursery and kids’ game room will be open for the younger children. The older children will be welcomed and encouraged to participate in the Q & A time. Soup ‘n Chat will follow the former Koinonia Group pattern of sharing a simple meal, discussing Scripture, fellowship-ping as a church body, and praying for one another.

Potluck Luncheons are on the third Sunday of each month after the worship service. We encourage you to sit by someone with whom you don’t usually sit.  We will say grace and eat together. If you were unable or just plain forgot to bring a dish to share, there will be plenty. Stay and join us!

Family Movie Night is on the second Friday of most months. The Family Movie Night is an opportunity to invite family, friends, and neighbors of all ages to share popcorn and a clean, fun movie. While there will not be a specific time of Scripture study or prayer, it will be a great time to build relationships that can lead to discipleship. Kids are encouraged to bring a sleeping bag or blanket, pillow, and their favorite “stuffy.” Adults are welcome to bring a comfy lawn chair if they prefer it to a folding chair.