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Two videos from ‘A Frisch Perspective,’ posted to Youtube on Dec. 7th and 8th:

TWO VIEWS OF COVID - MACARTHUR Lays Out His View of the PANDEMIC   (appx. 15 mins)

This video presents Pastor John MacArthur's view of the COVID-19 pandemic in light of various studies and data provided by the medical community. MacArthur has been criticized by many for continuing to hold indoor services at Grace Community Church during the pandemic. Mayor Garcetti describes the current situation as "the greatest threat to life in Los Angeles that we have ever faced.” MacArthur, however, has a very different perspective.

WHO IS RIGHT? (appx. 13 mins)

This video gives part of Pastor John MacArthur's presentation from Sunday evening, December 6, where he lays out his view of the Covid-19 pandemic. His view is in contrast to what is being promoted by government and health officials in Los Angeles. Grace Community Church has continued to hold services indoors in spite of government restrictions, and this has resulted in a legal battle.

*Pastor MacArthur’s remarks can be viewed in their entirety at www.gty.org (“Grace to You”).