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Favorite Podcasts

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? We do! And, we love sharing what podcasts we’re listening to. One reason we enjoy them so much is they are available anytime –at the listener’s convenience, and most are free. If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, or just never discovered one you enjoy, we’ve got a list we think everyone should be listening to!

Not sure how to listen to podcasts? Contact the church staff. We’d be happy to help you learn how!

This week’s suggested resource is from Grace to You with John MacArthur entitled “When Government Rewards Evil and Punishes Good” (YouTube, Jun 17, 2021).

This video summarizes much of what Pastor Eric has preached regarding the proper reasons for resisting authority and expands the lessons from Revelation. If you would like to deepen your study of Romans 13 or you have family or friends who question the rightness of resisting authority, this will be a helpful resource.

“The Sword and The Trowel,” Tom Ascol and Jared Longshore talk with Pastor James Coates after his release from prison.

TS&TT: James Coates | Suffering and Imprisonment to the Glory of GodFounders Ministries (YouTube, May 25, 2021)

This week’s suggested resource is “Suffer According to the Will of God - 1 Peter 4:12-19” (May 9, 2021) by Pastor James Coates.

By the often entertaining but always Gospel-centered Todd Friel, this week’s suggested resource is from WRETCHED. The title of the video is “Ten proofs that YOU are a Pride-Monster” (YouTube, Apr 28, 2021).

This week’s suggested resource is from Michelle Lesley. The title of the article is “Throwback Thursday ~ 4 Things You Need to Understand about Christian Persecution” (www.michellelesley.com). From the blog post: “Let’s examine four popular misunderstandings about persecution, and what the Bible has to say about it.”


#WieldTheSword: “The Word and The World” from: Founders Ministry (YouTube, March 18, 2021)

 “Christians have confessed the Bible as inerrant, sufficient & have spoken of its authority. But we have not wielded that Word here in the world God made. The inerrant Sword sits encased in glass on the mantle, well-lit & plenty sharp. But it is time for pastors [and laymen] to lay hold of that sword & employ it in the battle as God commands. Doing so is costly. Doing so is dangerous. Courage is required.”


“ARE OTHER PASTORS COWARDS? People attack those who disagree with Pastor JAMES COATES” from Frisch Perspective (YouTube, March 9, 2021)

From the video’s description: “Pastor James Coates of Gracelife Church near Edmonton, Alberta has received much attention of late after being held in custody for keeping his church open at full capacity in violation of local health orders. Some criticize Pastor Coates, while others criticize those who do not take the same stand as him. What are Christians to make of all this?”


This week’s suggested podcast is from GraceLife Church of Edmonton entitled “FULL SERMON - GraceLife Church (Romans 13:1-4) ‘Directing Government to its Duty’" (YouTube, Feb 15, 2021).

Canadian pastor, James Coates, a graduate of The Master’s Seminary, was recently arrested for holding church despite a government mandate to limit church capacity to 15% due to COVID. Was he in violation of Romans 13 or was he in obedience to it? Perhaps his sermon will help answer the question.

The image says it all... False Teachers, Essential Doctrine, Christian Unity, by ‘A Frisch Perspective’ (YouTube Aug . 31, 2021)

“Tim [Frisch] looks at various Scripture passages to think through what unity means and the categories of false teachers vs. Christians with whom we disagree over secondary matters.”

This week’s suggested podcast is from Living Waters with Ray Comfort. The title of the video is “Ray Comfort Will Never Forget This Amazing Conversation!” (YouTube, Jan 21, 2020)

Ray speaks with Clarence, a man who knows so much about the Bible, yet was humble enough to receive instruction on areas he was off in and desired to get right with God.

At the end of the video you will see a photo of “Faith is for Weak People.” This tract is available at the back of the sanctuary. You are encouraged to pick one up if you would like to know how to share the gospel more effectively.


This week’s suggested podcast is from Grace to You, (YouTube, Apr 14, 2020):
“Is It a Sin to Fear COVID-19?”

In this short interview, Pastor MacArthur answers the question, “Is it a sin to be afraid during the COVID-19 pandemic?” John MacArthur and Phil Johnson discuss what God's Word says about the strange times in which we are living.


This week’s suggested podcast is from Wretched Radio with Todd Friel (YouTube, February 8, 2021). In Todd’s typical cheeky manner, he has named the podcast “Paul Washer: ‘You are going to suffer so horribly.’”

We think you will find it very timely.


This week’s suggested podcast is from Wretched Radio:
“Do you know the two words that best describe the book of Revelation?” (YouTube)

Spoiler alert...the two words are, “God wins!”

This week’s suggestion is not a podcast but an article that is available online.

“The Importance of Physically Present, In-Person Church” can be found at theCRIPPLEGATE.com.

Looking to purchase a new Bible in 2021? How about a beautiful large format, double column reference edition of the New American Standard? Each verse starts on a new line and there are center column cross-references, a useful concordance, 8 pages of color maps and 32 pages of lined writing paper.

You can watch a helpful review at “A Frisch Perspective”   ALLAN NASB Reader's Reference Edition - BIBLE REVIEW on Black Goatskin and Silverline Editions


Memorize the Bible with Me.com Episode 039
“The Whole Armor of God – Ephesians 6:10-12”


Pastor MacArthur’s remarks regarding Grace Community Church remaining open can be viewed in their entirety at the video below.

Grace to You - Evening Service - December 6, 2020

Our Daily Bread – “Ephesus | The 7 Churches of Revelation” (YouTube)

This video is full of beautiful cinematography and interesting information regarding the city of Ephesus as well as a few additional tidbits about the Nicolaitans. Because the video describes the worship of Atriums, you may want to have your finger on the mute button if there are children nearby, but watching the video will be well worth it.

Two videos from ‘A Frisch Perspective,’ posted to Youtube on Dec. 7th and 8th:

TWO VIEWS OF COVID - MACARTHUR Lays Out His View of the PANDEMIC   (appx. 15 mins)

This video presents Pastor John MacArthur's view of the COVID-19 pandemic in light of various studies and data provided by the medical community. MacArthur has been criticized by many for continuing to hold indoor services at Grace Community Church during the pandemic. Mayor Garcetti describes the current situation as "the greatest threat to life in Los Angeles that we have ever faced.” MacArthur, however, has a very different perspective.

WHO IS RIGHT? (appx. 13 mins)

This video gives part of Pastor John MacArthur's presentation from Sunday evening, December 6, where he lays out his view of the Covid-19 pandemic. His view is in contrast to what is being promoted by government and health officials in Los Angeles. Grace Community Church has continued to hold services indoors in spite of government restrictions, and this has resulted in a legal battle.

*Pastor MacArthur’s remarks can be viewed in their entirety at www.gty.org (“Grace to You”).