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Committee Members & Officers


UPDATED February 9, 2016
(* indicates chairperson)

Moderator: David Scherz
Asst. Moderator: Don Rhine
Church Clerk: Seth Honeycutt
Asst. Church Clerk: Linda Teglovic
S.S. Sec / Treas: Virgie Hunt
Asst. S.S. Sec / Treas Suzy Bacon
Financial Secretary: Lauretta Rinehart

Lay Council

David Scherz (Moderator)*
Don Rhine (Assistant Moderator)
Shane Berner
Clark Hunter
Gary Miller


Ammon Burkholder
Dan McClaflin*
David Rhine
Jason Robinson
Alan White

Christian Education

Serena Barth
Julia Burkholder*
Leigha McCormack
Jeanne Pettit
Holly Robinson
Rachel Robinson


Sharon Beck
Roger Blair
Mary Oney
Diane Scherz
Linda Teglovic
Brian Walters*


Deb Brown
MaryLee Chandler
Debra Dittman
Bonnie Hunter*


Olivia Berner
Jennie Grose*
Rebecca McClaflin
Pat Smith


Elaine Barman
Mindy Garner
Stevie Glowinski


Deb Brown
Mindy Garner
Lauretta Rinehart
Pat Smith

Address & Phone

The Ripley Church
4130 Edwards Road
Greenwich, OH 44837

(419) 752 - 2914

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sunday Worship
10:00 am

Sunday School
8:45 am

Purpose Statement

Loving God and Families by:
Exalting Christ,
Encouraging the Church,
Equipping Christians, and
Evangelizing the Community.

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